Thursday, April 19, 2007

A must have

OMG, I have to have this new design from Long Dog Samplers called Jardin de Plaisir that is available on April 26th. Isn't it awesome? Love it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Westwinds wip

I love this design and the fabric. It is also nice to use just DMC sometimes because I can stitch a lot faster than with overdyes. It is snowing here again. I need to have a conversation with that groundhog. We are supposedly having a nor'easter with 60mph winds but luckily the snow isn't really sticking b/c it is so wet. I went to a wedding reception last night, for my friends who were married on a beach of Antiqua. Congratulations Tia & Chris! It was a fun time. My friends Carol and Kevin got a new kitten yesterday, he is a gray tiger and is so cute. They have a black lab/swiss mountain mix named Spencer and when I left them yesterday, our other friend Nancy was using dog whisper techniques to get Spencer to not care about the little kitten. It was quite interesting. Anyway, off to watch Amazing Race and stitch.
One of my favorite blogs is Karonline's Corner. She does great stitching and has a wicked cute kitty. :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Westwinds and my friend

I am going to start something new for my blog. I am going to link to another blog I read when I post in case you haven't found that blog yet. Today's is Coastal Stitching, which is a fun blog I found when she posted to my site. She does awesome stitching and her site is so friendly and reminds me of the beach and ocean, well, except for the picture she posted today :).

My friend Sue came over yesterday. We were going to stitch but we never quite got to that part. :) We talked and she helped me choose which of my new silkweaver fabrics go with which patterns. It was so much fun. We matched up about 6 fabrics. Ever since I have known Sue, whever we get together the time flies by and before we know it, 3 hours or more have passed. It is so cool to have a friendship like that. Here is my progress on Westwinds by Barrick Samplers (now Carriage House Samplings) and it is on 32ct Days Gone By linen. I love, love, love this fabric. Thanks again Sue!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Fabrics Batman!

I am so excited!!! I received my Silkweaver fabrics in the mail today for winning the small category. They are soooo beautiful. There's wandering ivy, strawberry milkshake, chocolate vanilla swirl, pink pizazz, cocoa, days gone by.... just to name a few. Thank you Silkweaver!!!!