Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quilted bags

I went to a fantastic quilting store with my mom a few weeks ago. It in Henniker, NH and called Quilted Threads. Everything they have is amazing and it is all displayed so well. I got the pattern to make these 2 bags there and the fabric. They have this realy cool interfacing called P72, which is super stiff. They totally hold their shape. The only problem is after the zipper, you need to sew down the left over bulk so zipping is easier. I broke 8 needles trying to sew one side. It was a frustrating day. But, now my zipper selection is restocked and I am going to try a thinner interfacing on the next back. We'll see. The little white turtle is a zipper fob I made with some beads that match the daisy colors.

Gift for another friend

Well, School is officially done. I have my Master's degree in Business Communication and am graduating magna cum laude. woohoo! I am so relieved it is over. What a great feeling.

I took yesterday off and finally finished a gift for my friend Cindy. I had stitched the coffee part a few weeks ago and finally did the quilting for it. I love the colors, they match so well. She loved it and hung it in her office. We used to share an office and I had our walls covered with quilting and stitching so when she moved her desk, her walls were pretty bare. Not anymore.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gift for a friend

My friend Sue and I started stitching a memorial piece for our friend Joyce in February. In January, Joyce lost her son Stanford to cancer. It was very sad. We found a really beautiful sampler called Memorial Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs. We finished it recently and gave it to her this past Saturday. This was the most important piece Sue or I had ever stitched before and although it was sad I am so glad we did it.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Back from my hiatus

Well, I have returned. I had so much going on this spring I had to let something go and blogging was it. But, now I am back and have some updated projects to show you all. The kitties are doing really well, enjoying the various sun spots around the house. This has been a strange summer, with cold nights and freak storms. I hope you are all well and happily stitching!

This is Colonial Homes by Little House Needleworks. I worked all weekend to finish it up. I love how it came out.